NOVA GOLD an Eco-Friendly organic compound rich in humus , organic potassium and fulvic acid, Stimulates  growth and proliferation of beneficial Soil micro-organisms, enhance root initiation and root growth.  Increase soil airation, the nutrient uptake in plants.Supports to regulate hormonal level.  Recommended to use as foliar spray or soil application  in all crops like Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Tomato, Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chillies, Vegetables, Mango, Fruits, Groundnut, Mustard, Pulses, Plantation Crops and Ornamental plants.                         

Available in  :  250 gm, 100 gm, 50 g,25 g and 5 gm.                                                                           

Application  :  Foliar Spray- 0.3-1 gm/ Ltr. water.                                                                                       

Soil Treatment - 300 - 500 gm./ Acre.